Sons of the Father — Now available for order!

Janette Anderson’s latest provocative thriller, Sons of the Father, is now available for order. They say that Philip Vega is a man to die for.

Find out why in this new, thrill-ridden novel that already has Hollywood talking.


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Before we fired up BearManor Fiction, we ran a short-lived imprint called TumbleTap that specialized in comics and graphic novels. That imprint has since been folded into BearManor Fiction, and we’re happy to say that we still have some great graphic novel titles available for order:

Oz Squad: Compleat & Annotated by Steve Ahlquist

Often imitated, never duplicated, Oz Squad is the first and best comic book inspired by the classic Wizard of Oz series of books by L. Frank Baum. This collection is the first-ever edition to include every single issue, including the beloved Little Oz Squad Special. It is the ultimate collection and it comes with notes and annotations by the author, explaining some of the deeper mysteries and sillier aspects of the series. This edition features cover art by noted illustrator and Oz Historian David Lee Ingersoll. Alternately loved and reviled by fans, scrupulously researched by author Steve Ahlquist, this edition stands as the ultimate collection.


Rogue Satellite Comics by Chris Reilly and Kevin Atkinson

or the first time ever, the complete story! This edition includes the six original issues of the classic Slave Labor Graphics series, (now SLG Publishing) including two special issues, the final conclusion to the original story, and bonus new material–never before seen! Written by Chris Reilly (Punch & JudyStrange Eggs) and drawn by Kevin Atkinson (SnarlPlanet 29The Tick) the series hearkens back to the Golden Age of comics, when things were funny and weird, and not grim, gritty and sullen.

S.A. Bennett raves, “The Golden Age of comics is back! Grade: A”


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What news?

What news? As in what’s new?
A few things, as it turns out. We’re coming out of a busy summer of planning and production and a number of titles are being released. Right now, you can check out The Rerun of Dracula by Ben Ohmart:

The hook is simple: everyone knows that the character of Dracula was based on Vlad “the Impaler” Tepes. The trouble is, he never died. Hollywood, Random House, the Lugosi estate, Francis Ford Coppola, everyone owes him big time for cashing in on his likeness. Tallahassee, Florida might seem like the dumbest place to start a major lawsuit against pretty much the known world, but Vlad, an actual vampire, is more concerned with shaking things up than staying predictable. He has definite goals in mind… The Rerun of Dracula, written with the complete support of the Tepes estate, is the first true chronicle of a dynamic individual with a great mustache and a legitimate reason to sue. Ben Ohmart is the author of several biographies of voice actors, including Paul Frees and Mel Blanc, and runs the small publishing house, BearManor Media.

And coming soon… the lastest volume in our highly popular Palik series of new Jules Verne Translations – Around the World in 8- Days: The 1874 Play by Jules Verne and Adolphe d’Ennery. As I type this blog entry, the galleys are being proofed by experts in four countries and across two continents. Look for all of the skillful translations, thoughtful commentaries, historical perspectives, and timely illustrations that you’ve come to expect from this series.

Stay tuned for more details as they develop.


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Kane Rising: The Siblings of Kane

by Janette Anderson

Now available for order here.

Kane Branson, Veteran Commander of the AFP, returns to Australia from a mission in Iraq to bury his young wife, Agent Kelly Branson, who died by the hands of terrorist Ryan Holden. Attending the funeral is ex-US Marshal Reese Wade, accompanied by the ten year-old child, Leila, that Reese claims is hers and Kane’s.

“Leaving his entire family behind, Kane and his bodyguard, Hunter McLeod, set out on a mission halfway across Australia to prove that the child is not Kane’s daughter.
Kane must then rise above what life has thrown at him, all his own transgressions and be the parent he should have been… or should he stay a would-be Hell’s Angel with a license to kill?”

The latest in the Kane Branson adventure novels–all of which are available here!

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Someone deserves a nice stake…

Our own Ben Ohmart offers up this comic tale of a still-among-the-living Vlad “The Impaler” Tepes and his quest for copyright justice. It seems he was the inspiration for a certain popular vampire tale, and there’s money to be had.

“The author’s life plus 70 years, my ass!”  –Vlad Tepes

For more info, check out our new page and know that The Rerun of Dracula is on its way!

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More Jules Verne! Vice, Redemption, and the Distant Colony

The fifth book in the Palik series is now available for order. Welcome to Vice, Redemption and the Distant Colony.

Literary fraud or filial devotion? This is the question at the heart of a firestorm that erupted when manuscripts and letters were discovered proving that Jules Verne’s son, Michel, significantly revised over a dozen of the stories published under his father’s name, and even originated some himself. It was a collaboration that had begun while both were still alive, and continued as Michel saw to posthumous publication many of his father’s books.

In this volume will be found two different versions of a story, as written by Jules (Pierre-Jean), and expanded by his son (into The Somber Fate of Jean Morenas)—a tale Michel even made as a movie in 1916! Also in these pages is the first English translation of a novel Jules began, Fact-Finding Mission, but which his son finished, and hitherto has been only available in the completed version by Michel Verne.

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Announcing the KANE series by Janette Anderson

We’re please to announce that Bearmanor Fiction is carrying the Kane adventure novels by Janette Anderson. Check out these ripping tales.


KANE: Man of War

KANE’S HUNDRED: And the Hunter Comes

RAISING KANE: For the Love of Kane

Don’t miss out!

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Pledging to update more frequently

Now that the winter hath done passed, I think we can assume that, like many things in spring, what was dormant will bloom a bit more. That said, I’m pleased to announce that we’ll be getting news updates in a much more timely fashion from here on out.

And to start things off, we’ve recently updated the cover to Cheryl Jordan’s Our Gal Cal.

You can order the book from Amazon or from this very website. Nice cover, yes?

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Who is Cal Ames and why are stories being written about her?

Our very own Our Gal Cal has her own blog site! Visit to check out news on everyone’s favorite Calamity and her adventures in Hollywood.

Ever wonder what would happen if a rather sheltered teen girl from the Bible Belt was transplanted onto the sound stage of a Hollywood teen flick? In this series of novels, Cal (short for “Calamity”) was taught (sometimes patiently, sometimes not) by a seasoned actor named Leonard Rhoads all the things one needs to know to be a professional actress. He also gave her valuable life lessons that would be crucial in years to come.

Find out more at her blog site, or order the entire book (actually, four books in one!) right here.

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Another new title COMING SOON!

At the printers…

EROS EMPIRE by Jordan Owen.

The San Fernando Valley, hidden just on the other side of the Hollywood sign, is the pornography capital of the world. This valley of adult commerce is towered over by Alston Image, the most successful, respected and innovative producer of adult content in history. But when the company’s eternally ambitious and publicly reclusive founder and CEO, Isaac Alston, decides to track down and produce the script for a legendary forbidden film by his favorite erotic auteur he incurs a public backlash that echoes across the entire nation. In this scorching debut, author Jordan Owen weaves a tale of scathing satire, corporate intrigue and moral outrage to journey deep into the hearts and minds of the industry that is the Eros Empire…

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